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90 MIN / 2024 / USA / ENGLISH / COMEDY

It’s 2007 in Fresno, Texas. Raphael is in county jail following an arrest for graffiti. He’s a good kid. It’s just graffiti. So you can’t blame Raphael for the events that unfold after his arrest. He’s not responsible for the sting operation, the suicide, Flophouse’s new mix-tape, Officer Williams and her delusional suspicions, the meth pipes, the FBI, the rich kids with nothing to lose, Mateo, Larry the pig, all the knives, the local aspiring TV newswoman, the plutonium deal gone wrong, or anyone who may or may not die due to that deal turning sour. None of it is Raphael’s fault, but it is his problem. The moment Raphael walks out of that cell, he’ll be stuck on this turbulent roller coaster of misguided chaos. An amusement ride that’s a joy to watch in motion, as long as you’re not the one on it.

Director: Carl Fry and Maxwell Nalevansky

Writer: Carl Fry and Maxwell Nalevansky


Cast: Danielle Evon Ploeger, Luke Wilcox, Darius Autry, Khali Sykes, Ariel Ash, Jacob Wysocki, John Ennis

Festivals: Cucalorus Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Florida Film Festival, Calgary Underground Film Festival, Fantaspoa